Thunder In Aspic


Lewis Fidock

The self titled, privately issued LP Flat Static was recorded in Reservoir, Melbourne in 1985. Apart from sharing the recognisably ‘Australian’ experimental sound of the late 70s through to the late 80s which came to proliferate and define labels such as Cleopatra, Innocent, M Squared, Larrikin and Jarra Hill Records to name a few; Flat Static includes (in its lineup) recognisable local busker and performance artist Brett Bancroft AKA Brett Band. Brett can be seen around Melbourne performing his signature act involving a costume of tattered pink dresses and homemade jewelry, absurd harmonica outbursts, awkward dance and theatre movements and adlibbed lyrics about the importance of self expression, the oppressiveness of institutional critique and a plethora of absurdist and often disturbing visual imagery. In what he sees as an extension of himself, Brett performs this act alongside a gang of crudely formed puppets made from street detritus, found objects and hand carved pieces of wood. For his exhibition at TCB Art Inc., along with a uniquely presented copy of Flat Static, Lewis Fidock presents a troupe of his own ‘extensions of self’: a band of puppets which serve to protect, play out and interpretively dance to the compositions pressed onto this rare and obscure LP, which they ultimately regard as both mother and deity.

Lewis Fidock is an artist from Melbourne.

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