22.08.2015 – 29.08.2015



Please click here to download TCB fundraiser catalogue

Established in 1998, TCB art inc. has been dedicated to providing a space where young, emerging and established artists alike have the artistic freedom to explore, experiment and take risks within their practices. A substantial rent increase has necessitated alternate funding to keep gallery fees as low as possible. Thanks to the generous support of the participating artists, TCB is pleased to announce our 2015 fundraiser, which will open at 4pm on Saturday 22nd August 2015. All proceeds raised will go directly toward maintaining gallery fees at their current level until 2017 and beyond. Our Fundraiser will be held from Saturday 22nd August to Saturday 29th August, opening at 4pm on Saturday 22nd August, 2015. An after party will be held at Hells Kitchen from 9pm. TCB would like to thank the generosity of all contributing artists, our team of volunteers, and the on-going support of Hells Kitchen.

Participating Artists:
Adam John Cullen
Amanda Marburg
Andre Piguet
Andrew Long
Angela Brennan
Anna Finlayson
Anna Higgins
Anna Varendorff
Bianca Hester
Brooke Babington
Bryan Spier
Charles O’Loughlin
Chris Bond
Christina Hayes
Christo Crocker
Christopher LG Hill
Clementine Edwards
Colleen Ahern
Damiano Bertoli
Dane Lovett
Daniel Moynihan
Daniel Peter Petersen
David Egan
David Mutch
Debris Facility
Esther Stewart
Evan Morgan Grahame
Fergus Binns
Geoff Newton
Georgina Criddle
Grant Nimmo
Greatest Hits
Irene Hanenbergh
Isabelle Sully
Jackson Slattery
John Nixon
Jordi Marani
Josey Kidd Crowe
Josh Petherick
Julia Gorman
Julian Aubrey Smith
Kalinda Vary
Kenny Pittock
Kez Hughes
Laith McGregor
Lane Cormick
Leanne Hermosilla
Liang Luscombe
Lisa Radford
Lizzy Newman
Lou Hubbard
Lucina Lane
Madeline Kidd
Masato Takasaka
Matt Hinkley
Merryn Lloyd
Mitch Cairns
Nathan Gray
Nick Mangan
Nick Selenitsch
Noriko Nakamura
Pat Foster & Jen Berean
Rafaat Ishak
Renee Cosgrave
Rob McHaffie
Rob McLeish
Ry Haskings
Sanja Pahoki
Scott Miles
Sean Bailey
Sean Peoples
Sharon Goodwin
Simon Zoric
Starlie Geikie
Susan Jacobs
Tamsen Hopkinson
Taree MacKenzie
Tom Polo
Trevelyan Clay
Tully Moore
Virginia Overell
Viv Binns



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