Nell Pearson

Sluggardly is more to do with a sort of psychic laziness than with couch-clinging or driving everywhere.  I do not use it in the pejorative form, but with a kind of regard that might be closer to an affirmation. As they are horizontal, representational and propositional, the drawings differ from the upright Art. They function as a kind of shorthand- a step in the becoming of the fully realised thing in the world and are resistant to being finished or defined by presentation.  They represent the first moment in the movement from the void that precedes desire (a lack or even a crisis of emptiness) towards an orientation and, as such, the production of possibilities.

Nell Pearson (b. 1989) is the recipient of the TCB art award after graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2015. She currently lives and works in Melbourne.

Image:     Nell Pearson | Pencil and paper, 2016


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