Same Old Words


Sharon Goodwin

For the installation Same Old Words, Goodwin has constructed from plywood and then painted a moldering medieval sword. However, being impossibly long, (around 50 metres) the sword must bend and twist; lying discarded and mangled to fit into the space of gallery two.

Sharon Goodwin is a Melbourne based artist that has shown extensively both in Australia and overseas. Solo exhibitions include those at West Space Gallery, BUS Gallery, Uplands gallery, Heidi Museum of Modern Art, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space and TCB artinc. Group Exhibitions include those at The National Gallery of Victoria, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, RMIT Gallery, Artworx at the University of Southern Queensland, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Monash University Gallery, Bendigo Art Gallery, Plimsoll Gallery (Hobart) University of Sydney Gallery, MCA Gallery, GrantPirrie Gallery (Sydney), University of Queensland Art Museum (Brisbane) Gallery Side 2, (Japan) Artspace, Physics Room (New Zealand). Sharon was a founding committee member of both TCB gallery and collaborative art group DAMP.

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