Personal Navigation Assistant

12.10.2011 – 29.10.2011

Personal Navigation Assistant’ is a group exhibition showcasing video works by 4 local and International artists. The exhibition was constructed with the Internet in mind, whereby the artists use it as a resource as well as a self-referential means to exhibit artwork.

The artists bring together a range of collected material from advertisements, Podcasts, You Tube clips, and VHS footage to create animated GIF’s, and online assemblages. Addressing a variety of themes including a love of motorbikes, Internet induced anxiety, the numinous presence of objects, and issues of copyright. The Artists in ‘Personal Navigation Assistant’ make light of popular culture, whilst highlighting the way we navigate the ’real’ world via the www.

The exhibition is Curated by Louise Klerks, and features the work of Sydney artist The Wrath of Zod, Melbourne based artists Alexander Ouchtomsky, Thomas Charlton, and Eilis McDonald, from Dublin, Ireland.



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