If loss could weigh

02.11.2011 – 19.11.2011

Christo Crocker | Susan Jacobs | Saskia Pandji Sakti | Daniel Price | Nathaniel Robinson (New York)

If loss could weigh is a group exhibition that contemplates the idea of the negative, those un-seen and in-between places. The works trace these non- spaces through drawing, sculpture, photography and installation. Examining the nature of things by way of deconstruction, decay and embellishment. Be it an actual physical space or a mental landscape, an empty room, or through the alchemy of materials.  If loss could weigh peers into the interior of ideas, the space where ideas come undone or flourish, creating new unknown forms, both real and imagined.

Curated by Daniel Price, this exhibition features the work of Melbourne artist’s Christo Crocker, Susan Jacobs, Saskia Pandji Sakti and Daniel Price as well as New York artist Nathaniel Robinson.


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