Chain of Mountains

10.26.2016 – 12.11.2016

Anoushka Akel (NZ), Courtesy of Hamish Mackay, Wellington
Matt Arbuckle (MEL) Courtesy of Tim Melville Gallery, Auckland
Richard Bryant (NZ), Courtesy of Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington
Catherine Clayton-Smith (SYD), Courtesy of Alaska Projects, Sydney
Sarah Gosling (CASTLEMAINE)
Ian Jervis (NZ)
Steven Rendall (MEL), Courtesy of Niagara Galleries, Melbourne
Sarah Smuts-Kennedy (NZ), Courtesy of Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne
Sister Christine Mary of the Immaculate Conception (TAS)
David Hugh Thomas (MEL)

Curated by Tamsen Hopkinson and Jan Bryant


Dear Tamsen and Jan,

I have submitted the works to an arrangement logic, at the request of you both. I utilise a system where the qualities of things are determined by the use of a pendulum. Adopting a simple yes/no strategy, the pendulum allows me to read material presented to me using various levels of consciousness. It is dependent on my capacities to ask valid questions and my ability to focus without willing answers. It allows for outcomes unavailable to left brain logics .

Sarah, Macahon House, Titarangi, October 2



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