1/60 sec; f/5.0

02.12.2015 – 19.12.2015

Aaron Christopher Rees

1/60 sec; f/5.0 is a site-specific revisualization of space through photographic and software technologies. The world is encountered through the black mirror, unfolding to reveal the uncanny horror occurring as machines begins to see the world (be)for us. Video is a new human vision; it marks the end of human vision as the body is plumbed, probed and pierced by information culture.

Aaron Christopher Rees utilizes photography, video and sculpture to articulatea discourse surrounding contemporary screen-based culture. Rees’ work aims to explicate the intangible nexus between technologically produced images ofthe world and the world itself. Rees has recently completed his Honours year at the Victorian College of Arts. This year he participated, In the Epoch of the Near and Far, a curated group show by Amelia Winata in conjunction with Channels Video Art Festival and, Unintended (refrains:) a curated group show by Sandra Bridie.


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